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Wesley D. Lafferty

“Wesley D. Lafferty, the son of John Lafferty and Sarah Osbourn born 5 Dec 1813 at Champaign Co., Ohio. while a young man he enlisted in the US Calvary and was in the Seminole and other Indian Wars. At the expiration of his term, he was discharged at Ft. Leavenworth, MO. He married Martha Ferguson (a widow), who owned several slaves. They moved to Fayette Co., TX where they bought a farm near the town of Rutersville where she died in the early 1850’s. They had no children. He was ailing in health at start of the Civil War and died in the fall of 1857 (1867 ?).”

“I believe this Wesley is the son of John Lafferty and Sarah Osborn of Berkely County, VA (now WV) who moved to Champaign Co, Ohio in the early 1800s.  Wesley is born there in Union Twp on 5 Dec 1813.”

Source:  “lmcconkey” <lmcconkey@prodigy.net>

“One of the first Lafferty’s to go onto Texas was Wesley Daniel. Who his father is I do not know.
1840 Citizens of Texas Volume I – Land Grants by Gifford White, page 144:
Lafferty, Wesley Daniel arrived in Texas 9 Nov 1839, class 3, Acreage 640,
in Red River Certified 23 Nov 1839 in Fayette 15 Sept 1845

1840 Citizens of Texas Volume II Tax Rolls page 147
Lafferty, W.E. Red River County, Polls 1 land 0, Other Property 4 Slaves,
1 Metal Cl

1840 First Settlers of the Republic of Texas Vol II
#133 Lafferty, Wesley Daniel, Red River County, Lgs 0 Lbr 0 Acres 640
Date rem. 23 Nov 1839.

Source:  Mary Lafferty Wilson