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The Long Expedition

Lafferty (via Abney) tells of his experience with the Long Expedition (including at La Bahia in Goliad) and subsequent imprisonment in Mexico.  Several references are made in the book regarding his imprisonment, release, “compadres” with whom he served, etc.  It does not seem to check out with other historians accounts of the incidents. Additionally, the original document (written in Spanish) listing prisoners (now part of the Texas Archives) does not mention Lafferty.

“Upon reading the “Life and Adventures of L.D. Lafferty,” by Hon A.H. Abney, I became struck with the discrepancy between the statements of this “historical” publication and the reports that I had been accustomed to hear passing current as the true story of General Long’s expedition.

I took occasion to hand the book to Mr. McHenry, who particpated in that expedition throughout, with the request that he peruse its contents with care and attention; to which he assented, and stated as the result of the perusal that he was morally convinced that Lafferty could not possibly have been a participant in General Long’s expedition.  He said that the battle so graphically detailed by Mr. Abley as having occured on Aransas was purely a myth — no such fight had any existence in fact; the only fighting took place at La Bahia (Goliad), as stated in the foregoing narrative, which is substantially the statement of Captain John McHenry.  Equally fictitious is Lafferty’s account of the so-called surrender.

But on the principle, falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, we will dismiss the Abney-Lafferty concoction for better game.”

Source:  Reminiscenses: Fifty Years in Texas, p. 75-76, by John Joseph Linn (Juan Linn)