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Settling the Pendencia

What the Papers Throughout Texas Are Talking About

Carrizo Springs, Dimmitt County
[paragraph about newspaper named Javelin]
Dimmitt is a comparatively new county. The Javelin says:
The first settlers on the Pendencia were a colored family named Bell, accompanied by two white men named Lafferty and Adams who were in 1860 attacked by a large party of Lipan, their family and _____. None of the Bells were hurt, but Lafferty was shot twice, but made his escape by crawling into the tall cane growing upon the banks of the creek. Indeed, up to 1873 the raids of the Lipans, Muscaleros and Kickapoo, making their headquarters in the Santa Anna mountains, Mexico, were almost ___.  Many persons were murdered by them, and every settler … more that is hard to read.

Source: The State Press. Galveston? November 28, 1888.