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Review: G.P. Garrison

This review published in “Publications of the Newberry Library”, accessed through GoogleBooks.

“A narrative of a series of extraordinary personal adventures, which, according to the preface of the
work, was recounted to the author by Mr. Lafferty himself. It is probably fictitious, but with most of the
important features of the historical setting correct.
Mr. Lafferty is represented as visiting Texas at intervals from 1818-1832, and thereafter living in Arkansas until 1855, when he returned to Texas to remain. The visits are so timed as to give him a share in both of Long’s two expeditions, the Fredonian war, and the battle of Velasco. The intervening periods are rilled in with Indian fighting, the details consisting of desperate encounters, narrow escapes, and fearful experiences in captivity.”

Garrison appears to be an author and/or historian who lived during the same period as L.D. Lafferty.