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Mystery Death Certificate

Who is this man?  H.A. Lafferty of Richland Springs is the informant:  Hubert Allen Lafferty (1895-1924), age 27 at the time of this document, son of John Henry Lafferty.  Grandson of LD Lafferty but born after his grandfather’s death.

He lists the deceased as L.D. Lafferty about 70 years old, born about 1850, whose father was John Henry Lafferty and mother unknown.  But John Henry was not born until 1859. So — either the deceased is not this old or John Henry is not his father.

There is an L.D. Lafferty who was the eldest son of John Henry and older brother of Hubert Allen, but he did not die in 1922.  He is on the 1830 census in California with other Lafferty kin — foreman on the railroad with $5K, two sisters living with him, brother with family living next door. These folks likely went to California to live with big brother when John Henry died in 1918.

The birthplace of the deceased is listed as Ireland? We don’t know of any Lafferty’s in this family group who were born in Ireland. And it notes that he was buried in Richland Springs Cemetery? None of the cemeteries in Richland Springs have this grave marked nor is this name included in any transcriptions.