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Letter from Laredo

A letter to the San Antonio Herald, dated Laredo, September 18, says:

The county from here to the Nueces is just now overrun with Indians, who have been down since the 1st. A citizen of this place was attacked by them on the Nueces on the 18th instant. There are at least forty warriors in the party. They camped on the night of the 12th in the edge of this town; on the 13th they divided into squads and put off from the river, twenty of them taking the Corpus Christi road.

Fifteen miles out they killed one man and mortally wounded another. On the 13th they appeared almost simultaneously at a number of ranches above and below town, and robbed and plundered the same, taking all the horses they could find. The main body proceeded down towards Roma, and stole from one man two hundred and twenty-five head of horses, and are now coming out of the country with them. They travel very slowly and camp at night, exhibiting no fear whatever. They are making up the Nueces, and will evidently pass the road from this to San Antonio to-day.

On the 10th we sent out a company of twenty-two men to hunt them on the Nueces. They have found the Indian camp and a caballado, and are guarding it until the Indians return.

On the 15th we sent out another company, eighteen strong, to assist the main company. They are bound to fight to-day or back out. If the party below is forty strong, as every one says, then they have no less than sixty or seventy warriors, for there is now a company operating above town. They are so strong our citizens are rather fearful about attacking, and in the meantime the Indians are armed with all the confidence necessary for a hard fight. They have now been in our midst eighteen days, easy to be found any day, and not a gun fired at them.

Very respectfully,