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Lafferty-Cox Agreement

County of Kinney
State of Texas

Article of agreement between L.D. Lafferty and Jessee Cox bouth of the County and State aforesaid. Whereas I the said L.D. Lafferty agrees to let the said Jessee Cox have my stock of cattle a running at this time on the ‘pather’ Pintos Creek about seven miles west of Fort Clark for the time of two years the said stock consisting of about two hundred head more or less for the one fourth of the increase from the time that he the said Cox shall receive the cattle from the said Lafferty. Whereas the said Jessee Cox agrees on his part to give his undivided attention to the welfare of the stock to keep a sufficient number of horses on hand for the purpose of hunting and driving of the stock the said Cox agrees to not move the stock from the present Ranch without the consent of the parties concerned. Also the said Lafferty and Cox agrees to constitute a ear mark as follows for all the increase during the two years to crop the left ear and no more. Also to Brand the partnership increase on the left shoulder the the said Laffertys present brand thus [backwards D attached to L]. The said Lafferty turns over to the said Cox all his interest to the house lots and yards of the Ranch for the term of two years this article to take affect from and after this date but furthermore before the signing of this instrument the said Jessee Cox agrees and is hererby authorized in case of the death of the said L.D. Lafferty before the expiration of the two years that he the said Cox is to turn over the stock together with the Said Laffertys part of the increase to the five children now being with the said L.D. Lafferty namely Mary Eleven years old Bur nine years old James six years old Leon five years old and John three years old Or to the order [did he mean older?] of the above named Children Given under our hands this 4th day of February 1862.

Attest: William (x) Cox                      L.D. Lafferty
           C (x) Becket                          Jessee (x) Cox

The State of Texas before me of J. M. McCormick Clerk of the County Court, County of Uvalde in and for said County personally appeared C. Becket to me well known who being duly sworn says that he was present and saw L.D. Lafferty and Jessee Cox sign the instrument of writing hereunto attached that they declared they had signed the same for the purposes therein stated and that he together with William Cox made their marks as witnesses at the request of the Parties signing the same. In testimony whereof thereunto sign my name and affix the Seal of the County Court of said County at office in Uvalde the 24th day of April AD 1863.

J.M. McCormick

Filed in my office for registration the 24th day of April AD 1863 at 8 oclock ‘Ans’ Recorded September 4th 1863 at 8 oclock AM

J.M. McCormick


  1. Notes that Lafferty is living in Kinney County as of February 1862.
  2. This would be the Piedro Pintos Creek, now called the Pinto Creek
  3. The period of time being from February 1862 to roughly February 1864?
  4. So, there is a property here that he refers to as his ranch (see also reference to house lots and yards of the ranch). This could infer that he wanted Jesse Cox to live on the property.
  5. This definitely infers that Jesse is welcome to live in house at the ranch, doesn’t it?
  6. Here in February 1862, L.D. still has these five children alive. Since John is the youngest (born in January 1859 before the Pendencia incident), that means the San Antonio Herald newspaper article could have the number of children (at 4) incorrect.
  7. This could mean that Jesse should turn over the stock and increase to the older of the children remaining in the event of L.D.’s death.
  8. This William Cox could be either the son of Nathan and Loucinda Mouser Cox and cousin to Jesse — or son of William Cox and Martha Cantrell and brother to Jesse. Both were alive and living in the area.
  9. This was likely Calamise (called Cal) Becket (married to Eliza Jane McInturff), father of Hester who is Jesse’s wife. He died in Kinney County 1989 and is buried on the family ranch northwest of Bracketville. Was in Army for ‘local defense’ in Uvalde During Civil War, registering September 21, 1863.