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Hokit Family

Dr. Richard M. Hokit (1821 GA – 1881 TX) was a Methodist and/or Presbyterian minister. In 1850, his family is in Comal County, in general proximity to Rev. Henderson S. Lafferty. In 1860, they are found in Parker County, where John Annis Lafferty and other Lafferty kin have a connection. In 1870, they are in Precinct 1 of Guadalupe County (Seguin), where L.D. claimed to have two “farm town lots” and where Henderson also lived at one time.

He has a son, Edward J. Hokit, who is just a few years older than John Henry Lafferty. in 1880, we find the Hokit families in Precinct 3, Uvalde County as enumerated on June 11-12 of that year. John Lafferty, age 21, is a boarder/farmer in the household of Edward Hokit with Hokit’s wife and 2 daughters. The land the Hokit’s occupy is next to the Lafferty Patent on Bear Creek. And the Bear Creek Cemetery (where old L.D. may be buried) is on the Hokit property. Their little community is referred to as “Exile”.