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Alexander H Abney

A.H. Abney (born 1822 VA) is the author of the original “The Old Rover” book. In 1860, he is listed as a teacher in the Point Pleasant Community of Upshur County (later Gregg County) in east Texas. He states in the prelude to his book that he met Lorenzo Dow Lafferty in Atascosa County in 1869 and ‘gathered’ the story from him at that time. In 1870, he is on the Fall County census in Marlin with his family. In 1875, the ‘Rover’ book is published. In January 1878, he is listed as performing marriages as Judge Abney in Aransas County. In 1879, he is a judge in Wilson County.

APPEAL from the County Court of Wilson. Tried below before the Hon. A. H. ABNEY, County Judge. The information was based upon the affidavit of Juan Hernandez, and charged the appellant with an aggravated assault and battery. On trial he was found guilty of a simple assault, and his fine fixed at 82.50. Frank Payne was the only material witness for the State, and he testified that, while sitting in front of Abney’s store in Lodi (Wilson County), on the 2ith day of June, 1879, he saw Hernandez walking along the road about one hundred yards distant, drunk and laden with bundles.

Source: Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Appeals of the State of Texas