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1874: December 5

Corpus Christi
Dec 5th 1874
Mr. A.G.Lafferty
Dear  Son
On the 5th of this month I returned home after weeks of travel through the country and found your letter of the 18th of Oct. and one from sweet little Lauisa M. of the same date my gratitude is profound for such tokens of kindness in my children scattered so great a distance from me

you will see by this that I am still in the land of the living and in good health for a man of my age-I also got a letter from your sister Margaret and her husband Mr. Charley E. Benbrooks they state that they have all give out moving to Texas this year they are all well now though Burwells family has had a great deal of sickness this past summer

it now looks like I must die off without being permitted to ever see one of my children in this life again quite a serious thought I have made up my mind to leave here in a few days and cast myself out upon the world without a shelter or a home, where I will find a resting place next I know not, situated as I am the wilderness and the plains afford me more satisfaction than the crowded city or the giddy multitude  if I live to settle again I will write to you at your present address.

Long years ago I procured lands in this county for any of my children that might want to emigrate here-it can rest where it is.

Dear son I will close my letter to you.

L.D. Lafferty